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My name is Ryan Baightel and I am the owner-operator of Mae Lawn Care.  My wife and I have lived in Findlay for the last 11 years.  We have a seven year old daughter (whose middle name is Mae) who recently finished her kindergarten year.  Watching her become a part of Findlay City Schools has tied our family to this community like never before.  It is this same community that Mae Lawn Care aims to serve.


Before starting Mae Lawn Care, I was a public school teacher.  Over the years, I began picking up a few lawn care clients here and there to keep me busy during my time off in the summer.  Fast forward to May of this year and I decided to take the leap to go full-time with lawn care to see what I could turn it into.  This decision was out of the norm for me, especially after living the life of a teacher for over a decade and having each day literally planned down to the minute.  Ultimately, what pushed me to start this company was a combination of wanting to see what I could create on my own along with wanting more flexibility with my day-to-day schedule in terms of being both a husband and a dad.  I'm starting this company from the ground up to make something that my family and I can be proud of.  I want my daughter to grow up knowing that her dad bet on himself in an effort to better both he and his family.


Mae Lawn Care strives to provide dependable work done with honest communication.  Whether it be lawn mowing or snow removal, we work hard to keep your home exterior looking its best.  We would value the opportunity to help you out with your lawn care goals.

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